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MHSA envisions a world where people who struggle with mental illness are viewed as equals and given the same respect and treatment options afforded to those of any medical condition. 

We strive to provide a peer-to-peer support system for adults 18 and over affected by mental illness. Individuals have the opportunity to sponsor and support each other by sharing first hand accounts, coping mechanisms, and being an ear to listen 24/7. With this, those who are grappling with mental illness may be able to get the support they need to act as productive and upstanding citizens. 


MHSA is a peer-to-peer support system for adults 18 and above that focuses on sponsorships from others dealing with the same issues. Like tried and true methods before it, MHSA offers a sponsorship program between its members that applies the first true 24/7 mental illness support.  

Online support groups are also offered in order to network and make those connections, here people have the opportunity to meet others in like situations, tell their story, discuss their coping mechanisms or just listen. 


Our Meetings

MHSA currently meets bi-weekly on Wednesdays via Zoom. Starting at 8pm Eastern we begin with introductions, and a brief recap from each person detailing their weeks leading into the meeting before opening up the groups to different topics chosen by MHSA Sponsors and the group participants. 

Our meetings are 100% confidential in nature, as no information will ever be spoken of, or shared outside of a meeting. Participants may share as much or as little as they choose with cameras/audio being completely optional. You can tell your story, or just listen. 

MHSA is all-inclusive. We have people in our community from all ages 18+, all ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientation. Our meetings are a 100% judgement-free zone.  


* MHSA is in no way a substitute or alternative for medical assistance *

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